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- 5 acre lot

91792 Klamath Ln, Christmas Valley, OR 97641

$17,000 91792 Klamath Ln, Christmas Valley, OR 97641

This little 5 acre parcel would be great for off-grid living, or it's only 2 poles from power. We get lots of sun, so you could set up some solar panels and use a generator if you'd like. The property has a small 8'x8' shed, a small wood deck to park your trailer next to, a 125' well with a 1,500 gallon storage tank. There is also an electrical pedestal and box where you can plug your generator into so you can run the pump. This property is broker owned and was purchased through the Lake County Land Sale. If you would like a septic system installed, that could be done for an additional fee.

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  • Land
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