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- 40 acre lot

Chambers, Chambers, AZ 86502

40 Acres! Off I-40! Power!

40 Acres! Off I-40! Power! Feeling trapped? Whether you feel like your limited in space or limited in opportunitieskeep reading! It gets worse! Maybe youve found a property that has plenty of roombut there is an HOA. If there isnt an HOA, there may be a wild neighbor that nobody wants to live near! My name is Matt Nunn. I specialize in selling rural vacant land to people looking to take a little more control of their lives. I recently met a guy that was homeless. He actually has been homeless for 19 years! He wanted to live on a large property and be left alone! We found him a property, and now he is living his dream. We made sure he could afford it. He took immediate action and now he owns a huge plot of land. I love when it all comes together! Chances are, if youre reading thisyoure not homeless. But maybe youre frustrated with the daily grindand its finally time to invest in yourself. We ha.

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