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- 40 acre lot

Pie Town, Pie Town, NM 87827

Adventurer Needed

Adventurer Needed Often when were selling a rural property someone will ask the question: Can you get to this property? On this one were answering that question with: I dont know. Can YOU? This is 40 acres in a beautiful, naturally pristine area. It is T3N R9W Section 35 NW4-NW4 in Catron County, New Mexico. This parcel is bordered on the north and west sides by Bureau Of Land Management land. The property is nicely forexted. We are not in New Mexico, so we cant go out and try to get to this parcel. It looks to be difficult, we are not sure if it can be accessed by vehicle. All of the 40-acre parcels in the area have legal access easements around their perimeters. There are also trail roads through the area, but none of them come all the way to this property. If you are a veteran outdoor adventurer, this could be for you. This parcel is about 23 miles northeast of Pie Town, near the Cib.

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