The Real Estate Agent's Road To Success Begins
With e-PRO Certification

e-PRO is the only NAR approved Internet Certification Program.

"One of the National Association of REALTORS® key initiatives is to impress upon members the importance of embracing technology and how it can be used to enhance their success. The program is designed to prepare real estate professionals to make the most of Internet technology and to identify, evaluate, and implement new Internet business models."

"To ensure continued success in online real estate after the course has been completed and certification earned, graduates are able to share tips and techniques through online participation in the e-PRO community and referral network."
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Having satisfied all requirements of certification as established by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®

James VanErmen

is hereby recognized as an authorized trainer in the e-PRO Technology Program and officially certifies as a CERTIFIED e-PRO TRAINER with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto on
January 20, 2008


Terence M. McDermott EVP/CEO
National Association of REALTORS

Originally I became a certified e-PRO agent during the initial training class held in 2000.  NAR eventually had the program dramatically changed and I participated in taking the new on line course.  I was required to take all the tests and pass the course final.  Additionally I was required to take a separate test to show my knowledge of being an e-PRO trainer.  In providing my passing results it was noted   "out of our 50 or so Trainers we have brought on in the last year or so you are the only one to score 100%  :)  Great work!"


The New Real Estate Professional must meet the needs and expectations of the Connected Consumer. The rules of business are changing, especially the real estate industry. The e-PRO Certification Program is specifically designed to keep you on top of changes and help you thrive in the exciting and rewarding world of online real estate.

e-PRO Certification is not only about technology. The e-PRO Certification Program will establish a baseline of online competence, and it will also introduce its students and graduates to the best aspects of Online Community...the Internet is about the power of people connecting with people. This Program will bring you in contact with real estate professionals from all over the country and establish a solid foundation of confidence on which to build a productive Referral Network.

This is a skills development program and will train you in the use of E-mail for marketing and risk reduction. Real estate professionals are spending millions of dollars on Web Sites, without really knowing the purpose or the result. How does one evaluate all the products on the market today? Should I "buy" or "Build" my web site? What about legal, copyright, security, and privacy issues? This program will help you answer these questions and give you constant contact with other e-PRO grads across the country.

When students enroll in the comprehensive, educational, and interactive e-PRO Certification program, they will be participating in the ongoing creation of the e-PRO curriculum and will continue to participate after Certification by involvement in the e-PRO Community and the e-PRO Referral Network.

The e-PRO Vision:

The vision for the future of e-PRO Certification is to create a well-trained, core group of real estate professionals who are thriving in the online-based real estate industry. The e-PRO Internet Professional belongs to a special community of highly skilled and continuously trained real estate professionals who collaborate to enjoy deeper satisfaction and greater financial rewards as the result of their e-PRO Certification status.

This Program will teach the REALTOR® about Internet business principles required to remain in the center of the real estate transaction, including:

  • Options and requirements to Get Connected
  • E-mail Communication and Marketing Practices
  • WWW Marketing Strategies and Practices
  • Creating and Maintaining Personal Technology Plan of Action and your Internet Marketing Plan


If you still have questions concerning your decision to become an e-PRO certified real estate agent, Please call Jim "Van"Ermen at cell (334) 303-1111 or email using the Link Box below

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